Friday, 29 April 2011


After the few years that I have walked this Earth I have learned little, though the things I have learned are very important - to me, at least.
Nobody can be trusted, though you must trust everybody with ardour.
There is no happily ever after, there is no written ending! The end is for you to scribe with deeds.
Simplicity is always best, though complications should always be sought after.
Life is a unique, treat it that way.
Coincidences should never be ignored, unless running away.
The future is in the past and the past is the present, act accordingly.
Regrets are for humans, remorse is for the guilty.
Light is always present, if it wasn't you'd be dead.
Pain is just a hindrance, death is the box; find the door.
Happiness is the ultimate victory.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

proposed purpose

If death is all we get, why do we keep living? Is death our only reward? Is there something else...?
Proposition Omega: Enjoy life, work hard, give back.
Proposition Reality: Hate life, work harder, lose.
Precision of purpose is vague in her cloak of deceit, littered with frozen truths and veiling of the lady's vexation. Her bones are brittle and boil down to ash whilst the man works on. He cries into the pitch 'Oh Lord! Wherefore art thou? Must I die!? I rebuke this turmoil of forlorn tear-filled eyes!'
Swift is the lark that hits the hornets nest and swifter is the sword that moulds her cruel justice.
Reprisal is alliance and alliance is declaration, thus peace be upon you all and enter not into agreements - only friendships. This life of ours is short and painful, make it easier for your children and repay your lyres with songs of worship.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


So there I was, minding my own business talking in an Aussie accent when for some reason I stumbled on my words, I tripped. I tripped and fell into a hole full of pitch and some cow excrement – and man, I can assure you, it wasn't a pretty sight; generally isn't with me.
Haha! Look, it's a guy that said something that could be interpreted in many ways…. which seat should I take? Neither. Read and bleed.
That actually sounds pretty cool. I adopt it.

Briefly returning to the original topic I somehow ended up saying ‘mingering’, which sounds like a word – a REAL word, turns out it is, according to this high and mighty urban dictionary – though my grandma being an avid scrabbler says nay.

Urban dictionary = slang
Slang = icky
Icky = NO.

I love grandma logic.

It seems like we've going at this forever: you and me – I'm sorry, it just isn't working. I, I know that what we had was good – it was great! Really! But, I'm just not sure we're meant to be.

How sad. But seriously, you're x-teen? Get real!
 You have your whole life ahead of you! Go play with Lego, or something? Lego's cool – right? I think Lego's cool. Life's as short as a piece of Megablocks but doesn't mean ya can't play with Lego. Always time for Lego in my house. I'm tangenting. Sorry.
Plenty more blocks in the box.

Friday, 15 April 2011


Perfect controls, perfect subdues, perfect is owned, he doesn't want you. He looks up their skirts and dribbles on their croquet sticks. He. Is. A lie.
Perfect wanders among the birds at sugarcandy mountain, he eats cucumber sandwiches in gay bars. He abuses donkeys and he twiddles his whiskers. He doesn't exist. So why do we want him?
Perfect is loving, honest and kind, perfect forgives and is easy to mind. Perfect is warm, and cold, and hot, he cooks dinners for kings and feeds them to street urchins. Perfect. Doesn't. Exist.
Why do we seek that which is not? That which is and that which sometimes? Is not.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011


I have recently acquired a love of pigeons, the more observant among you will have noticed that I changed my display picture (several times, each a different version of the same image) to fit this taste. The picture features 'Betty', my pigeon and her companion cube.
Being ill can get terribly boring, I'm sure we've all had that day away from school due to serious injury or maiming, maybe even Black Ops-itus, and we've sat in bed for however long. I lasted 10 minutes. Sod this, I thought, this isn't going to do me any good. I got up and had a shower,  teleported downstairs and nicked some Jammie Dodgers. I then proceeded to flick my laptop on; the problem with having an eco-laptop is that it bites back, hard, as in, I'm now missing a few fingers. I've always been into image manipulation - or whatever you call the damn thing, anyway, whatever it is - it keeps me amused.
I'd created this internet persona of Chaos Pigeon, or rather, I thought I had. Turns out some bloke has already made a flickr account with this username. I was most upset.
 All internet personas need an image, so I thought I'd make one. I did. I also made a pigeon desktop wallpaper, a broken wall shrouded in smoke, hiding a drunken monkey and a MineCraft wallpaper. A very productive day, I think.*

*please note, these images were produced over the course of several days