Tuesday, 29 March 2011

death, the game

If you had the chance to save somebody's life - but by doing so kill someone else, would you do it?
It would depend who the people are, wouldn't it?
Okay, let's say this instead: if you had the chance to save TWO people's lives, but by doing so kill ONE person, would you do it? That's where it begins to get tricky. Are two lives worth more than one? Yes! Of course they are.... aren't they? Are two 'good' lives worth more than one 'bad' life? Are two 'good' lives worth more than one 'good' life? Are two innocent lives worth more than one guilty life? Are two guilty lives worth more than one innocent life?
There is no answer, and if you think there is, get out of my metaphorical sight.
The minute we humans begin to answer that question, we begin to play god. A position, that I believe, no human should be in.
Surely no human can be put in the position of choosing who gets to live and who must die? If we were meant to have that power, why the hell are there 7 billion of us? If we wanted that power, why the hell are there 7 billion of us? It's simple. So why is it that people are playing this role... but not with two or three lives, but with MILLIONS of lives? That's just something I can't get my head around.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Q&Q: 1

Humanity without society? Impossible. Society without 'humanity'? Possible.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Sometimes the answer we seek is right in front of us, yet our blind ignorance denies it. The answer will eventually come – at death if it need be. Rest assured my son, for patience is the key. Have faith in what you verily believe yet be open to other’s thoughts, for after all you may be wrong – the pain in your foot may in fact be an ingrown toenail, not a splinter; rest assured my son, for the answer seeks also thee.
Time is finite, dust is finite, life is finite. He who doth seek mortal life unto eternity; he is a fool my son, as are we. Who would live for immortal years and see those he love perish, the life and death of so many, the suffering of so many, the love of so many. All of these would make mortals mad, which is why it cannot be. 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

age of good, poem

When the grey moon begins to sink into the shameful perspex of space
The consummation of inauguration is finite trails of thought

Justica’s gaze shall smite the odes of man
And man shall say deities proclaim the word of hate

While the pure crow sings her watchful lullaby
And the souls of time and the yet to be known
Burden us all
With their painless sorrow and crippled touch

Fonts of wisdom and musty thought
Flow from the globules of human consciousness
Tearing down the bonds of brotherhood
Bringing to an end, the age of good.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

obervations of a pigeon

I wrote my first letter the other day, yup, my FIRST letter. I'm sure some of you don't even know what a letter is: for email is naturally superior, as there is a small metal chip involved somewhere. We've been taught throughout the whole of junior school that letter-writing is a key skill. Okay, given the reality, it probably isn't -it sure as hell is fun though. Me and a friend have decided to write letters to each other under false names, I have been given the task of the first letter and thus a lot of responsibility lies upon me - this, albeit rather amazingly, is a key skill to have.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

the end of an era

I have decided to eradicate my Facebook account, and to begin to amuse myself with such pastimes as reading, reading and reading. Facebook is probably one of the most useless things in our world, though it is seen as necessary to 'have' and use it: I simply do not see the point of it. The generation I belong to abuses it, we while away the hours telling people that we are eating beans on toast, under the saddening delusion that somebody cares, when the reality is that nobody gives a damn - and why would we? If we want to know what you're eating we'll ask you. What is the point of taking pictures of yourself in a mirror, only so you can say how ugly you are in the hope of getting people to tell you you aren't? Attention seeking, that's what. We are a bunch of attention seeking idiots that think the world revolves around us, we shout and rave, we listen to awful music just to make a point (to the extent that very few good songs have come out of the 21st century, and even they aren't mainstream). Cod was once the common name of Gadus morhua: a fish that goes delectably well with chips; now if you google it the first thing that crops up is 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' - surely there is more to life than this? What has this planet come to?