Monday, 21 March 2011


Sometimes the answer we seek is right in front of us, yet our blind ignorance denies it. The answer will eventually come – at death if it need be. Rest assured my son, for patience is the key. Have faith in what you verily believe yet be open to other’s thoughts, for after all you may be wrong – the pain in your foot may in fact be an ingrown toenail, not a splinter; rest assured my son, for the answer seeks also thee.
Time is finite, dust is finite, life is finite. He who doth seek mortal life unto eternity; he is a fool my son, as are we. Who would live for immortal years and see those he love perish, the life and death of so many, the suffering of so many, the love of so many. All of these would make mortals mad, which is why it cannot be. 

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