Wednesday, 2 March 2011

obervations of a pigeon

I wrote my first letter the other day, yup, my FIRST letter. I'm sure some of you don't even know what a letter is: for email is naturally superior, as there is a small metal chip involved somewhere. We've been taught throughout the whole of junior school that letter-writing is a key skill. Okay, given the reality, it probably isn't -it sure as hell is fun though. Me and a friend have decided to write letters to each other under false names, I have been given the task of the first letter and thus a lot of responsibility lies upon me - this, albeit rather amazingly, is a key skill to have.
The ability to manage responsibility well, and to not abuse it like Facebook or Twitter, is something I have seen slowly sapping away from our lives. It doesn't matter if we bugger something up as we respawn in 8 minutes, or whatever the timer is for WoW: as nice as this would be if it were real, it isn't. Okay, so you can argue that games such as this provide a safe environment for social and physical experimentation - this does only extend this far for some people though. Don't even get me started on the issues of addiction. Humans as a whole will take things different ways - and may end up thinking (maybe a rather extreme scenario) "I can jump off this building and respawn at that Police checkpoint!" which is in the long run not the best outlook to have. I feel that all the wrong messages are being broadcast throughout our once humble nebula, and that it is our responsibility to say no. I am inclined to say that it is our responsibility to harness the moon and change the tides: I implore you now to look at this rock we call Earth. Is it where it should be? Is it the best it can be? How can it be made better? I quote JFK when I say 'One man can make a difference, and every man should try' What difference can you make?
A close friend of mine said that 'you cannot build a house with broken bricks'. I know this is an utterly ridiculous thing to suggest: but maybe some of our bricks need replacing, or at least repairing?


  1. You can't knock down the entire house just because some of the bricks are broken.

  2. When did I say the house should be knocked down?

  3. Why knock it down when you can blow it up!