Tuesday, 1 March 2011

the end of an era

I have decided to eradicate my Facebook account, and to begin to amuse myself with such pastimes as reading, reading and reading. Facebook is probably one of the most useless things in our world, though it is seen as necessary to 'have' and use it: I simply do not see the point of it. The generation I belong to abuses it, we while away the hours telling people that we are eating beans on toast, under the saddening delusion that somebody cares, when the reality is that nobody gives a damn - and why would we? If we want to know what you're eating we'll ask you. What is the point of taking pictures of yourself in a mirror, only so you can say how ugly you are in the hope of getting people to tell you you aren't? Attention seeking, that's what. We are a bunch of attention seeking idiots that think the world revolves around us, we shout and rave, we listen to awful music just to make a point (to the extent that very few good songs have come out of the 21st century, and even they aren't mainstream). Cod was once the common name of Gadus morhua: a fish that goes delectably well with chips; now if you google it the first thing that crops up is 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' - surely there is more to life than this? What has this planet come to?
I may come across here as an annoying old miser with nothing better to do with his time than slowly hack away at the fundamental structure of society, but I am an annoying old miser for a reason. I want change. I want to live in a world where people actually go out and have fun together, and not the sort of fun that involves scaring the skirts off old women with crazily coloured hair and LSD - 'cus that doesn't last. We are constantly told about 'the good ol' days' by the older generations among us, and generally we just pass it off as a load of tut that never really happened. Surely they didn't have any fun without their Iron Maiden and Prodigy blasting out of black-clad bedrooms? It's an utterly ridiculous concept that people entertained themselves with the company of family, I mean, in today's world, who needs family when you have World of Warcraft? No way did anyone get any enjoyment out of hiking, after-all there never was any such thing as the countryside, only great blooming council flats and oversized city houses. Mental.


  1. I love this post, and the annoying thing is, it's so true. For me it is anyway... I am addicted to facebook. Everything above that is about facebook definitely applies to me, which really is very sad to be honest...
    Love this post. Definitely agree.
    Rose Hershaw :)

  2. All true, although you do seem to be suggesting this through a medium very close to Facebook.
    I do agree with you though.