Monday, 21 February 2011

auld lang syne

I've just been listening to Susan Boyle's version of 'Auld Lang Syne' and it got me thinking. I remembered the new years party I went to: the happiness of everyone there, the atmosphere of the house and the vibes that resonated throughout the town. At the end of the party we all came together, linked arms and sang Auld Lang Syne - I captured that moment in one of my memory jars, it was beautiful. We proved, that night, that humanity can come together. We proved that humanity does know better. We proved that humanity wants to be better. I hate to waffle on about community spirit, but it was there that night and it was good. In those few minutes when we sang together, everyone knew everyone, everyone shared their deepest fears and their most coveted desires, all in one moment. It was fantastic.

Friday, 18 February 2011


I yearn to have the feeling of peace with the world continuously - alas, it is a very rare blessing :) Half term, pizza, coke, Hustle, Owl City and fantastic friends - what could be better? Life is good. I am amazed at how the little things make such a massive impact on my life, as I'm sure they do with you all, it really is in the detail.
I have always had a fixation with detail, I'm sure my friends would tell you it can get a little annoying at times, but the little things really do count :3 I guess that's been the focus of today for me: detail. The bigger picture, arguably is all that matters in the end, but the way I see it, it's the detail that makes the picture big.
I want to hug the world right now :')

Thursday, 17 February 2011

the establishment

Ambition is an interesting word, it begins with an 'a' and ends in an 'n' - much like the phrase 'koalas drive mini coopers'. I'm going to be totally straight with you, I'm not one of these people that since the age of 3 has had a burning desire to be a singer: I've been slow to figure out what kind of job I'd like. I think being an actor would be fun, fulfilling and pretty darn awesome - though work can be hard to find. I also like writing poetry, but a few odd poems won't get you anywhere either. I never had the time or inspiration for writing a novel, though short stories can be very fun. Journalism also sounds interesting, although I'm not 100% sure what it involves and where it would take me... I'm a very confused child. Out of all of those possibilities, to go into acting is probably my main ambition - though I don't know where to start or whatever to do after that. Life can be confusing.

facts of life

There are some important things you must know in life, one is that spoons make very good bad breath testers(?) and another is that sour things die down and somehow end up pleasantly sweet . You must ALWAYS look for the sunshine after the rain -  it is there, no matter how small and insignificant it may appear, it is, trust me.
You cannot avoid hard times altogether, this is a physical impossibility (unless you live under a rock, alone – which I guess would count as hard times anyway…) not everything is fine. This is a fact that we must all come to terms with for without doing so we end up lost in a world of fantasy. That's part of love. It's part of life. We just have to get on with life and do what we feel is best, we may not always be right - but hey! who cares? We all make mistakes, we can forgive and forget - just keep fighting.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

2011 already?

"My chips, is it really a new year ALREADY!? I sure didn't see that one coming - you mean we're 2 months in to this 'new year'? Utter madness, you must be lying. Ahh. What a pleasant surprise this has turned out to be." The general gist of a conversation I had today.
I have been writing 2011 on my work for roughly 40 days now and I somehow failed to notice; I even attended a new year's party. I must be going barmy with my old age - then again, 14 isn't that old, it really is nothing on the 94 years that my great grandmother has been kicking. I know this is a rather late, if suspicious 'Happy new year', but it just seems right.

the joys of doing french homework in the car

How I loathe the perpetual swings and swongs of the country road, what better time to endure the merciless gaze of outstanding homework than the otherwise useless and wasted half hour journey to school? My innocent attempts to whittle away the time by progressing my learning are often thwarted by a corner, a turn in the road, that my father takes at speed. Oh how depressing is the miserable truth, that I live 17 miles away from the fine educational institution that I attend on a daily basis, that it is either a bypass or a tree-speckled vista I am forced to be apprehended by every morrow! This is my lamented story! This is my reality! What a shame.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

so many longings

I have so many longings for a life that isn't mine: how I long to walk fields and be free of technology. I want to live in Australia, or on a farm in Oklahoma - I guess all I want is freedom. Freedom to walk, freedom to think, freedom to live, freedom to run, freedom to believe, freedom to hide, freedom to say, freedom to... be free?
 Society really annoys me, especially with our 'money' thing, I guess technology is yet another bar on our prison door. We are limited by commercialism and the desire to kill the planet, I'm not normally one to say 'hey! maybe greenpeace is right' but I really think there is some truth in the we need to stop building idea (if there actually was one? if not, there is now).
Why can't we just be content with who we are and what the world gives to us?

the meaning of liff

When I ask people the meaning of liff, they generally respond '42' - though this simply is not right. The meaning of liff is indeed a very pretentious matter, as many people claim to know the right thing - on the whole they are a bunch of deluded cacti. There is no such thing!
The meaning of liff and the meaning of life are stupendously different subjects, should one confuse the two I can guarantee you're from the Imperial Senate of Aaltje. Liff is, sorry, was an enormously popular Bahk group in the late 1650s, unfortunately they split for political reasons when the Democratic Republic of Rabinowitz went to war with the communist dictatorship of Johannhuth and the performance of Bahk was illegalised throughout the universe. For more information please put your finger on your nose and count to 17 in Latin. My name's Josh Cussen. I write things. Hullo world.