Tuesday, 15 February 2011

the meaning of liff

When I ask people the meaning of liff, they generally respond '42' - though this simply is not right. The meaning of liff is indeed a very pretentious matter, as many people claim to know the right thing - on the whole they are a bunch of deluded cacti. There is no such thing!
The meaning of liff and the meaning of life are stupendously different subjects, should one confuse the two I can guarantee you're from the Imperial Senate of Aaltje. Liff is, sorry, was an enormously popular Bahk group in the late 1650s, unfortunately they split for political reasons when the Democratic Republic of Rabinowitz went to war with the communist dictatorship of Johannhuth and the performance of Bahk was illegalised throughout the universe. For more information please put your finger on your nose and count to 17 in Latin. My name's Josh Cussen. I write things. Hullo world.

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  1. This says to me that you have far to much time on your hands. I guess this means I will have to find more work for you during half teerm