Wednesday, 16 February 2011

2011 already?

"My chips, is it really a new year ALREADY!? I sure didn't see that one coming - you mean we're 2 months in to this 'new year'? Utter madness, you must be lying. Ahh. What a pleasant surprise this has turned out to be." The general gist of a conversation I had today.
I have been writing 2011 on my work for roughly 40 days now and I somehow failed to notice; I even attended a new year's party. I must be going barmy with my old age - then again, 14 isn't that old, it really is nothing on the 94 years that my great grandmother has been kicking. I know this is a rather late, if suspicious 'Happy new year', but it just seems right.
I love doing things spontaneously. It feels fantastic when you get this crazy rush of passion and the urge to do something! A more recent example of these escapades is my complaint to my RE teacher, the nature of the complaint was nothing serious: it was merely pointing out all the flaws in the course I'm doing. I went with a couple of friends on a manhunt throughout the school, in the hope of finding the rather rare and lesser speckled Mrs. X. We did eventually find her and she did mostly evade our questions, the only thing we gained from it was the knowledge of what a teacher squirming looks like, and that to get answers we needed to go and see the head of faculty - which we did. It is most unfortunate that we are yet to get some answers, as we only had a 15 minute window to ask our questions; though luckily we have been invited back for more tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I know this whole thing is a bit odd and probably not of much interest to most of you, but several people have asked for details. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! =3

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