Thursday, 17 February 2011

the establishment

Ambition is an interesting word, it begins with an 'a' and ends in an 'n' - much like the phrase 'koalas drive mini coopers'. I'm going to be totally straight with you, I'm not one of these people that since the age of 3 has had a burning desire to be a singer: I've been slow to figure out what kind of job I'd like. I think being an actor would be fun, fulfilling and pretty darn awesome - though work can be hard to find. I also like writing poetry, but a few odd poems won't get you anywhere either. I never had the time or inspiration for writing a novel, though short stories can be very fun. Journalism also sounds interesting, although I'm not 100% sure what it involves and where it would take me... I'm a very confused child. Out of all of those possibilities, to go into acting is probably my main ambition - though I don't know where to start or whatever to do after that. Life can be confusing.
Life is probably one of the most confusing things out there, 'why does it exist?' 'how does it exist?' 'what made it exist?' to name a few, are definitely some of the more baffling questions regarding this matter. Everyday I ask myself 100s of questions about life and all that she brings with it - and only a select few am I able to formulate some kind of answer to, and even then, they aren't normally great. An aspect of life that confuses me the most is 'the establishment', I just don't get why on earth there is so much wrong with it. Sometimes I just want to up sticks and become a hermit, to get away from it all - though doing so would entail all sorts of problems. I guess 'the establishment' is one of those things you hate, but just need to put up with. This irritates me.


  1. Agreeing with the last paragraph, but how could things have turned out differently with society? How could we ever have smoothed out the flaws?

  2. a very good point, though there is always a choice :')