Wednesday, 27 April 2011

proposed purpose

If death is all we get, why do we keep living? Is death our only reward? Is there something else...?
Proposition Omega: Enjoy life, work hard, give back.
Proposition Reality: Hate life, work harder, lose.
Precision of purpose is vague in her cloak of deceit, littered with frozen truths and veiling of the lady's vexation. Her bones are brittle and boil down to ash whilst the man works on. He cries into the pitch 'Oh Lord! Wherefore art thou? Must I die!? I rebuke this turmoil of forlorn tear-filled eyes!'
Swift is the lark that hits the hornets nest and swifter is the sword that moulds her cruel justice.
Reprisal is alliance and alliance is declaration, thus peace be upon you all and enter not into agreements - only friendships. This life of ours is short and painful, make it easier for your children and repay your lyres with songs of worship.

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