Tuesday, 19 April 2011


So there I was, minding my own business talking in an Aussie accent when for some reason I stumbled on my words, I tripped. I tripped and fell into a hole full of pitch and some cow excrement – and man, I can assure you, it wasn't a pretty sight; generally isn't with me.
Haha! Look, it's a guy that said something that could be interpreted in many ways…. which seat should I take? Neither. Read and bleed.
That actually sounds pretty cool. I adopt it.

Briefly returning to the original topic I somehow ended up saying ‘mingering’, which sounds like a word – a REAL word, turns out it is, according to this high and mighty urban dictionary – though my grandma being an avid scrabbler says nay.

Urban dictionary = slang
Slang = icky
Icky = NO.

I love grandma logic.

It seems like we've going at this forever: you and me – I'm sorry, it just isn't working. I, I know that what we had was good – it was great! Really! But, I'm just not sure we're meant to be.

How sad. But seriously, you're x-teen? Get real!
 You have your whole life ahead of you! Go play with Lego, or something? Lego's cool – right? I think Lego's cool. Life's as short as a piece of Megablocks but doesn't mean ya can't play with Lego. Always time for Lego in my house. I'm tangenting. Sorry.
Plenty more blocks in the box.

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